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There are three people residing in my home.  One of whom likes their toast cooked to a point that I call burnt, and I would throw it away and start again.  The other two prefer 'normal' toast... you know.... "toasted", which by definition is "to brown by exposure to heat' ... Yes?  What I want to know, is where is the onus of responsibility in the toast making process?  Is the toast maker required to check the dial 'before' making toast or should the dial be returned to default position after dead toast has been made?  Given that there are two non-dead toast eaters in the house, I believe that the dial should be returned to 'normal' after making dead toast.  Sigh...  I am so sick and tired of making toast for myself and the small child only to find it dead.  :(

It's the little things in life that are often the best... my arse!!! 
It's the little things in life that ... f#%king drive you nuts!!!

Tags: ocd, pet hates

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